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Revolutionary, modern, powerful and incredibly flexible food ordering (dine-in, pickup and delivery) and table reservation (booking) platform using industry-leading technologies.

Meet the platform that transforms what restaurant/cafe owners and managers can do...

What Do We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.


Your customers can place dine-in orders before arrival or in-store. Dine-in orders can be initiated directly through your website or by scanning a QR code to automatically bring up your menu with the table number entered and ready to order.

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Allow your customers to quickly and easily place a pickup order for immediate collection or at a later time (pre-order) within your opening hours. You can set up pickup timetables, menus, conditions, fees, special offers, and more.

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Customers can order for delivery within a specific range of your store quickly and easily. Allow your customers to request a delivery service for now or later (pre-order). You can specify delivery timetables, locations/zones, costs/fees, and more with customisable rules and conditions.

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Table Reservation

Let your customers reserve a table online or request to be added to the waiting list and stay updated on the status of their booking or request via email updates and SMS notifications. You can set up flexible time tables, service conditions, operation limits (e.g. capacity), and more.

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Solutions Aligned to Match Your Goals

'bld order.' is a modern food ordering and restaurant management solution that empowers you to increase efficiency within your restaurant/cafe operations and grow your business profit.

Quick Setup

Start accepting online bookings in less than 5 minutes with our super simple setup. Just set your opening hours and max limits and you are good to go. Easily manage all your food orders, delivery, customers’ information, payments, bookings, menus, business details and more.

Advanced & Powerful Tools

Hundreds of advance functions and tools are designed, implemented and prepared using cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading approaches to help you grow your business and improve your performance and profitability.

Highly Customisable, Integrable, and Versatile

We have designed a robust platform that simplifies and empowers your business operations and visibility. Our product integrations and business partnerships allow you to manage and boost bookings and online food ordering.

Easy System Setup

'bld order.': evolution of online ordering systems

A platform that improves and extends your hospitality services, including table reservation, and online and in-store food ordering.

The platform provides every function and integration you need to streamline and improve your operations and services - from a dine-in waiting list and table reservation to online food ordering, pickup and delivery.

Start benefiting from our modern, powerful, and secure platform and grow your business. We have designed and built this platform with the latest cutting-edge, industry-leading technologies; a flexible and comprehensive restaurant management system that speaks your language!

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Why Choose Us?

Boost your business with online ordering

Allow your customers use your online menu and QR codes to order and pay at table or at the front; give them the ultimate flexibility and pleasant experience. Convert first-time visitors to customers and keep them coming back.

Grow your business with 'bld order.' comprehensive online ordering, flexible table reservation, robust data analytics, builtin online marketing, and integrated customer profiling and loyalty. Reduce waiting times, increase average order values, and improve customer satisfaction. Do your customer’s order right with our intuitive technology and derive more revenue for your business though better customer experiences.

Our customer success team works with you work with every one of our clients continuously to deliver success and help them innovate and excel. Get the help you need whenever you need it.

We bring solution to manage your business the way works best.

'bld order.' is a comprehensive, sophisticated and modern platform without the complexity. Improve your business efficiency with improving and expanding your services, simplifying your workflows, optimising and automating your operations and tasks, and integrate your system with other platforms.

  • Powerful & Flexible Booking & Ordering: improve services and enhance customer experience
  • Robust Order & Restaurant Management: streamline operations, improve efficiency and grow at scale
  • Advanced Reporting & Data Analytics: gain deeper insights, understand your business and make smarter decisions
  • Customer Engagement & Relationship Management: attract and retain customers

Lightning Setup, Easy to Use & Flexible

Powerful Management Dashboard

Manage your business with intuitive tools and actionable insights you can rely on. Join the most reliable, easy-to-use restaurant management platform

Flexible Rules & Options

Create and configure multiple rules, conditions and options for services, orders and payments, time tables, operations, and loyalty programs.

Real-Time Services

Manage waiting list requests, table reservations, orders (dine-in, pickup and delivery), payments, menus, and operations in real-time.

Regular Updates

Get access to a constant stream of new updates and features that are regularly added to the system based on customer feedback.

First Class Support

We prioritise customer support over sales. Get in touch with us easily with less than 12-hour response times, 7 days a week with our exclusive support.

Intuitive UI Design

With a friendly and inviting ordering interface along with an intuitive management system, setup is fast, easy and frustration-free.

Multi Devices

Designed to look great, work smoothly and provide a great ordering experience across all devices such as phones, tablets and desktops.

Multi Region

Built to be used worldwide. All your currencies, dates and times are formatted in the most recognisable way for your local customers.

Multi Language

Our online ordering interface is available in several different languages. If your language is missing, let us know and, we will add it!

Advanced Reporting

Advanced and customisable analytics reports help you know what is happening at your restaurant/cafe at all times and make better business decisions.

Quick Action Tools

Save time by accessing the most used functions with just one click. Easily organise your daily schedule and manage all of your reservations.

Flexible Data Export

Export your data whenever you need to. Easily export all your orders, bookings and customers to Excel (or CSV) for use with external tools.

Fully Customisable

Create a variety of customisable options and outputs for each menu item, orders, payments, pickup and delivery services, loyalty plans, and notifications

Company & System Facts

We are proud of our team

Just sit back and relax while we take care of your business needs for you.


Online Bookings


Food Orders


Secure Payments

How Do We Do It?

We make your migration or modernisation journey stress-free, easy and smooth.


Sign up

Choose your preferred service and support type and plan. Then, sign up and follow the quick account setup steps.


Configure & Integrate

Set up and configure your business page, menu, payment method(s), services, time tables and order processing operations.


Go Live

Review and finalise your services and operations (including: table reservation, food ordering, menu, and ...). Then, go live and start.


Optimise & Improve

Review actions and reports, configure parameters/functions to add more automations and optimise and improve operation.


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Choosing the right technology partner for your restaurant is not easy. We’ll try to answer your questions so you feel comfortable working with bld order.

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'bld order' is a platform connecting restaurants and local diners. It provides restaurants with online ordering and contactless dining solutions to serve their customers by breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Everything runs online and is accessible through the web. Once you register online, you can setup your business page and menus. After that, simply let your customers know (e.g. by placing the page link on your website or putting QR Codes on your tables) about your booking or online ordering pages and start taking orders. Orders can be managed online and with the help of automated operations and output devices (e.g. printers and screens).

Attract more customers and increase efficiency; streamline your dine-in, pickup and delivery services and operations to serve more guests faster and with less effort.

Simply submit your request at or through our contact form (request a callback or sign up). We will get in touch with you shortly about the next steps.