Pick Up

Pick Up

Online Food Ordering, Food Pickup (Collection) SubSystem

Allow your customers to easily place a pickup order for immediate collection or at a later time (pre-order) within your opening hours. Orders can be managed in your central system and will be sent to your output devices (including kitchen displays and printers) to be processed and prepared for pickup/collection.

Manage all orders in one place, eliminate errors, and pace the "ready" times to control food quality and avoid crowds of waiting customers. Text your customers when their order is ready for a contactless pickup and ensure everyone’s safety.

Functions & Processes

Pickup Orders Management

Control Pickup Ordering Flow

Pace orders to kitchen capacity so your kitchen doesn't get overwhelmed, and reduce crowds for pickup. Preserve food quality with an even workflow.

Increase Visibility and Efficiency

'bld order' increases efficiency and enables you to easily communicate with your customers and inform them when their orders are ready for pickup. Free your staff from the phone and increase your online orders today!

Protect Customers and Employees

Avoid crowds by limiting or distributing orders to match your kitchen and shop capacities. Contactless pickup keeps everyone safe. Limit face to face interactions between your staff and guests through online ordering and contactless pickup.

Features & Capabilities

Powerful & Flexible Management

Customisable Online Experience

‍Build beautiful digital menu, easy-to-use landing page, and seamless mobile ordering and online payment to give your customers a great experience to quickly order what they want, when and where they want it.

Flexible and Reliable Integrations

‍Integrate your online orders seamlessly with your kitchen and shop. Serve more happy customers and increase revenue by attracting more customers from multiple channels.

Real Time Order Management

Using our real-time order management interface, your staff can get a bird's eye view of every pending order and easily keep track of what needs to be prepared next.

Reports, Charts & Statistics

‍View real-time reports right from your mobile, anytime. Keep a track of orders and sales.

'bld order.' enables you to

Direct Ordering Solution

Outpace your competitors with your online ordering system unique to your business.

Customer Loyalty

Re-engage with your customers with customised service and turn them into delighted advocates.

Notifications & Messages

Reach your customers at the right time with relevant promotions and marketing campaigns.

Secure Payments

Faster checkout through multiple secure and reliable payment integrations (card or cash payments).

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