Dine In

Dine In

Online Food Ordering, Dine In SubSystem

Enable your customers to order as soon as they get seated at the table, by simply scanning your very own QR code menu. Orders go directly to your central system and output devices, including kitchen display(s) and printer(s). Create a excellent customer experience while growing your sales and improving your efficiency.

Functions & Processes

Multi-Channel Ordering Platform

Flexible Tablet Ordering Solution

Allow your customers place their orders themselves using your contactless digital menu and contact tracing system. Provide super-fast and easy table ordering solution using NFC tags, QR Code labels or Short Links

Customisable Online Ordering System

Take online orders that get managed in a central system and sent straight to your POS. This means enhanced management, improved efficiency & customer service, increased accuracy and performance, and decreased errors and issues.

Modern & Powerful POS Functionality

'bld order' platform provides an integrated POS (Point-of-Sale) system that provides you with one easy solution to help run your restaurant/cafe and powers your speed and flexibility.

Features & Capabilities

Powerful & Flexible Management

Extremely Flexible & Customisable Menu

‍Create easy-to-use and beautiful menu and landing page. The menu management module enables you to create flexible menu categories, menu items, menu options and lists with variable prices; add descriptions and notes; include ingredients/allergies details and symbols; organise images; and control menu presentation and status.

Customisable Promotions, Coupons & Fees

‍Build promotions and engage your customers; provide and manage coupons and special offers; promote your restaurant/cafe; and build and enhance customer loyalty. Add fees and charges if you provide special service.

Real Time Order Management

Using our real-time order management interface, your staff can get a bird's eye view of every pending order and easily keep track of what needs to be prepared next.

Reports, Charts & Statistics

‍View real-time reports right from your mobile, anytime. Keep a track of net sales, orders, stock update, payments, bookings and more.

'bld order.' focuses on

Tablet Ordering

Give your customers the option of placing their orders themselves and eliminating the possibility of errors.

Smart Order Taking

Automate your entire order-taking process with easy-to-use menu, POS integration and output devices.

Menu Management

Powerful and flexible menu configurations, pricing and promotions, enable you save time and effort.

QR Code Generator

Generate a QR codes so your guests can order directly from your online menu using their own mobile device.

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Subsystems and Modules

Food Collection (Pick Up)

Manage your product or food collection (pick up, take away) orders, improve your operations, and increase your efficiency and service quality.

  • Take and manage pick up orders through your existing channels (online or call-in)
  • Customise pick up order time table and process
  • Set up and accept pick up pre-orders
  • Define pick up menu and menu options
  • Set up automatic or manual pick up order processing and management (for immediate orders or pre-orders)
  • Specify pick up payment options, fees and charges, discounts and offers, ...
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Subsystems and Modules

Food Delivery

Set up the flexible and powerful integrated food delivery system in no time. Expand your service, attract new customers, and grow your business with our integrated online ordering and delivery platform.

  • Define delivery zones and zone conditions (fees and charges, options & conditions)
  • Draw visually and specify your own delivery areas on the map (circle, shape, location list)
  • Customise delivery order time table and process
  • Define delivery menu and menu options
  • Set up automatic or manual delivery order processing and management (for immediate orders or pre-orders)
  • Specify delivery payment options, fees and charges, discounts and offers, ...
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Subsystems and Modules

Table Reservation (Booking)

Enable your customers to easily and quickly reserve a table and plan their visit in advance. Get rid of the pen and paper, 'bld order.' integrated and intuitive table reservation system helps you keep and manage your reservations in one place.

  • Define restaurant capacity and service limits
  • Customise booking (dine-in) time table and process
  • Monitor and manage customers' bookings and visits (cancelled/confirmed, show/no show, seated) visually (scheduler) or in dynamic real-time lists
  • Send email or SMS notifications (confirmation, cancellation, updates, and reminders) to your customers
  • Build your client database and lists, send promos and offers and boost sales whenever you want
  • Add notes, tags and comments to your bookings and clients' accounts for future service and interactions
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