Online Food Ordering, Food Delivery SubSystem

Increase revenue when there are no reservations available and reach customers looking only for delivery options. Keep customers and build loyalty by giving them more options to order what they want to order, when and where they want it.

With our delivery configuration tool, you can actually draw the delivery zones you want to service and adjust them along the way. You control how far you want to go. Fast and intuitive setup!

Functions & Processes

Delivery Orders Management

Delivery Wait Times

Customers are provided with delivery wait times that take into consideration the time it takes to prepare food.

Delivery Conditions

Configure a minimum order for deliveries, set custom times for deliveries, only accept orders within a certain range of your store, and more...

Reports, Charts & Statistics

‍View real-time reports right from your mobile, anytime. Keep a track of orders and sales.

Features & Capabilities

Powerful & Flexible Management

Flexible Delivery Zoning

Create specific delivery zones and charge a different fee for each zone. With our delivery configuration tool, you can simply draw the delivery zone you want to service and tweak it later on, according to your business needs.

Customisable Delivery Pricing

‍Delivery fees can be a fixed amount, an amount calculated based on the distance to the store (delivery zones). Don’t lose money delivering small orders, define minimum order totals and customise any delivery charges by easily setting up delivery zones. All of which can be set up quickly, hassle free and with minimal technical knowledge.

Multiple Delivery Promos

‍Attract new customers by offering them free delivery for minimum value orders or first-time customers.

'bld order.' solution provides

Order Management

Automate delivery orders processing and management, improve efficiency, and meet customer expectations.

Realtime Monitoring

Streamline operations with customisable output devices and comprehensive Kitchen Display solution.

Integrated Platform

Send orders directly to your kitchen to improve order turnaround times and reduce errors.

Order Data Analysis

Analyse delivery orders and identify popular items to improve service and create smarter promotions

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Subsystems and Modules

Food Collection (Pick Up)

Manage your product or food collection (pick up, take away) orders, improve your operations, and increase your efficiency and service quality.

  • Take and manage pick up orders through your existing channels (online or call-in)
  • Customise pick up order time table and process
  • Set up and accept pick up pre-orders
  • Define pick up menu and menu options
  • Set up automatic or manual pick up order processing and management (for immediate orders or pre-orders)
  • Specify pick up payment options, fees and charges, discounts and offers, ...
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