Marketing tactics and tools are always improving and changing, and restaurant owners do have to adapt. Some of the trends have remained the same, some have evolved, and some are just brand new.

Apart from making sure you always serve consistently top quality food with a smile of course (that has to be the oldest and best marketing tool you have in your toolbox), you should always pay a great attention to the following ways and techniques to increase the chance of your success. Let’s take a look:


From sending them a promotion to confirming their reservation, or letting them know their table is ready, texting is the new and most efficient way to communicate with your guests. But make sure you take full advantage of this new channel.

Online Presence

Offer a vibrant website with inviting pictures of your restaurant and your dishes, add a few friendly faces, or the story of your location to pique their curiosity and grow their loyalty to your place.

User experience and customer satisfaction

Restaurant owners are all turning into automations. We have seen everything from little delivery robots to new kitchen robots increasing productivity. For the front of the house, you can offer kiosks for guests to place themselves on the waiting list, or order before seating. Lots of new technologies are being developed and while enticing, you should look at the entire customer experience and always question if it enhances the service or complicates it, for you, your staff and your guests. Before you splurge on new technologies or revamp how you run your business, talk to your customers to understand what is really important to them. Don’t sacrifice your culture and brand identity just to offer the same services as your neighbour.

Unique and creativity

All restaurant owners have to constantly rethink their concept and make sure that not only are they keeping up with the changes but they are also offering something different and special to their guests. If not, their guests won’t return or take the time to recommend your place to their friends.

Customer reviews and engagement

People trust reviews almost as much as referrals from their friends. Make sure you engage with your customers online. If someone makes a nice, friendly comment, write an upbeat note to thank them. On the other hand, if someone complains about the service or the food, don’t get into a screaming (typing) match with them. Empathise, try to understand what happened, and apologise. If they are clearly being unreasonable, remain courteous and polite; state your facts if you feel you need to defend your business while keeping it short and to the point. But be calm and kind - always.

Social and environmental care

Customers are becoming more keenly aware of the impact of their actions on the environment and want to patronise businesses that are being socially and environmentally conscious. Use this to your advantage and promote your business actions on social media every time you implement a new process. From simple things such as giving straws only when asked, to more complicated processes such as sourcing most of your food locally from environmentally conscious providers, and online ordering system instead of traditional one to prevent resource consumption and waste generation are great starts.

Running a restaurant can be quite a venture. There are so many aspects that should be taken into consideration, like food, health and safety requirements, marketing strategies, staff, venue and so much more. If you feel like your restaurant is lacking something, make sure to take your time and investigate the problem. A good business is on a constant move. Just like you never stop learning – your restaurant should never slow down.

Marketing is an inseparable part of every business out there. Does not matter if you run a clothing store or a restaurant. You should always focus on good marketing. There are many marketing strategies for restaurants. All of the techniques were designed to improve your restaurant’s sales and make your business visible. Today’s world focuses on technology and the internet, that is why you would want your food establishment to get the proper online recognition and stand out from the rest. With the right digital marketing strategy, your restaurant is bound to be successful.