If you are thinking about how to manage reservations in a restaurant, you should ensure their usability for both your customers and for yourself. Your customers want to book tables simply, while you want to handle the bookings as easily and quickly as possible.

Restaurant reservation software and programs can offer a variety of features, from SMS, email and/or push notifications to booking widgets enhancing the frequency of online reservations. A good dining reservation system not only enables online booking of tables and specific food by guests but also helps restaurateurs to manage workflow and the timing of orders in the kitchen.

Restaurant reservation management solutions often feature monitoring of floor activity, guest distribution and dining preferences for every table. They can also have built-in guest loyalty programs based on data provided by the customer. However, some restaurants may not necessarily need all of the features offered by a given restaurant reservation management system. Your choice of restaurant reservation management system will be dependent on the type of business you run.

Restaurant reservation systems help manage the constant influx of reservations and customers – allowing the customers to book their tables remotely so managers can schedule resources according to the number of bookings. Customers also want a more convenient dining experience, and restaurants want to deliver the same to boost their business. A powerful table booking system for restaurants can help them do just that.

User-friendly Design

The restaurant reservations app must be intuitive and easy to navigate for the customers so they can make a reservation for a table quickly. Therefore, booking information must be easily accessible and relayed clearly – so the user can see the open and available time slots and state their claim. Also, the table bookings and cancellation policies should be transparent to make sure the customers understand precisely what it entails to use the app or online software.

A restaurant reservation app must provide state-of-the-art function while also being easy to use for the system operator as well as the customers.

Calendar and Preferences

A calendar is an essential tool when it comes to handling reservations. The success or failure of the whole reservation of the restaurant system is based on a well-organised schedule. Failing to do so will result in wrong reservations, double bookings, and many more problems.

The system-integrated website displays the business hours, time of reservation and incentives such as special offers and coupons to guarantee a more appealing dinner experience for your patrons. Customer booking history can be saved automatically with their preferences, to enable the servers to create the best dining experience during every visit.

Pre-ordering Option

An efficient table management system must offer the feasibility of pre-ordering a meal as it saves time for both the staff and the customer. The pre-ordering option is great for restaurants because it reduces the number of no-shows and last-minute cancellations – if they have booked a table and even ordered in advance, there are higher chances of them showing up. You can use the reservation app to advertise promotions and increase bookings at a particular time during the day.

It gives complete freedom to the consumers to make a booking without any interaction and gives restaurants an opportunity for effective table management. Furthermore, online reservations decrease the standing time thanks to waiting list management features. It also maximises the overall sales of the restaurant because they can do it at any time – day or night.

Automatic communication

Your table booking system should have the ability to deliver push notifications, i.e., automated emails and SMS alerts to anyone who is registered to use it. Promote your restaurant brand with messages about attractive discounts, loyalty programs, or just a friendly reminder. This feature can help you save time in managing your business as automated emails can be scheduled for a specific time.

The best table reservation system provides functionality, a user-friendly interface, reliability, customer satisfaction and the added feature of keeping track of your business. If you are a restaurant owner and still have no table reservation app, it’s high time you got one.

With a table reservation app, a restaurant can minimise open table times and optimally seat its customers to maximise revenue. Reservations can be taken 24/7, regardless of whether a restaurant’s staff is currently working. And also you will have the ability to track your workload.

An online ordering system gives you a platform from which to boost sales. Deploying an online ordering system automates your usual ordering processes. This means that, without the distraction of ringing phones, having to take orders and payment info, your staff can spend more time with customers. You will not only be making your take-out and pickup customers happy, but your diners in the restaurant will have the benefit of your undivided attention.